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  • Football Season Over, Ends with an Upset

    Football Season Over, Ends with an Upset

    Super Bowl 50 marked the end to the 2015-16 football season, but it ended on a very high note, as the Denver Broncos managed to beat the Carolina Panthers in a big upset. The Panthers were the big favorites for this match, having a 6-point…

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  • Super Bowl 50, Broncos and Panthers Interesting Football Facts

    Super Bowl 50, Broncos and Panthers Interesting Football Facts

    The Carolina Panthers will try to get their first football franchise championship title against the Denver Broncos this weekend, as they play in the Super Bowl 50. Each team brings their own strengths that could help them overcome and win the game, but there are…

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  • football playoff games

    Football Conference Playoff Predictions

    The upcoming football conference playoff games promise to be thrilling, as some top teams in the league face-off this week, it would almost seem like the Super Bowl was being played twice. We have the rivalry of Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning, and two heavy…

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  • Week 17 JJ Watt amazing perfomance

    Most Impressive Football Players From Week 17

    As we move onto the Playoffs, the last games of the football regular season did not leave the fans without excitement, as some teams fought hard to get their playoff berth, and others simply wanted to end the season with a bang. There were certain…

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  • Football Week 11; More Surprises

    It has been another interesting week in football, as there were a lot of surprises, upsets, and of course, the great news that some teams are still undefeated. With the New England Patriots facing off against the Buffalo Bills on Monday, the only other team…

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  • Will The Three Undefeated Football Teams Lose Soon

    There are still three undefeated football teams as we go into Week 10, and some are wondering if they will continue to dominate or if their winning streaks will be shut down by anyone. The three teams in question, the Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, and…

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  • Top Football Rookies Going Into NFL Week 7

    As we enter NFL Week 7 games, we keep our eyes on the recent additions to the professional football teams, the rookies. A lot of teams drafted these young men in order to help fill a weakness, which allowed them to get playing time right…

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  • Costly Football Mistakes During Week 4

    In the NFL there will always be a few mistakes on behalf of the players, coaches, owners, and even the refs, but when there are so many consecutive football errors that cost one team or another the victory over a bad call, it certainly stands…

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  • Checking Out Cortana’s NFL Week 3 Football Picks

    As most football fans should know now, the Microsoft virtual assistant Cortana is a genius at picking the winners of the NFL games. During the first week of games, she was able to predict with an accuracy of 13-3, which rivaled and beat many other…

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  • NFL Referee’s Mistakes Could Cause Football Disaster

    When watching a football game, the referees are the final word on whether an action was a penalty or not, and their decision is usually the last one that is made in respect to the enforcement of any rules while on the field. This is…

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