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Will The Three Undefeated Football Teams Lose Soon

Undefeated football teams

There are still three undefeated football teams as we go into Week 10, and some are wondering if they will continue to dominate or if their winning streaks will be shut down by anyone. The three teams in question, the Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, and the New England Patriots all have 8-0 records, but there is a possibility that they will soon add that one loss to their record quite soon. They have faced tough opponents, as well as easy ones, but with seven more weeks until the playoffs, there is still a chance.

New England Patriots

Dangerous Games: Week 10 @ Giants, Week 12 @ Broncos, Week 16 @ Jets.

The Patriots have been dominating every single game they have played so far this season, and you could attribute that to a great team and players, but they have also been given an easier than average schedule that has helped them as well. The three games listed above are about as tough as they will get for the Patriots, so they may actually go the entire regular season undefeated. It will mostly depend on whether they totally mess up during a match, but with the focus and determination we have seen so far, that is unlikely to happen. Many still hold out for a great performance by the Giants, as they face them this week. Although, it is possible that the one hope will be that Peyton Manning out-throw rival Tom Brady.

Cincinnati Bengals

Dangerous Games: Week 11 @ Cardinals, Week 12 vs. Rams, Week 14 vs. Steelers, Week 16 @ Broncos.

The Bengals do have a much tougher time before the playoffs arrive, as they will face other big favorites along the way. By Week 14, we should see a different Pittsburgh Steelers, as they should have some of their injured players back and Ben Roethlisberger will have more time to get his bearings. Once again, we depend on the Denver Broncos to do the dirty work, but it may not be enough to stop the Bengals.

Carolina Panthers

Dangerous Games: Week 12 @ Cowboys, Week 14 vs. Falcons, Week 15 @ Giants, Week 16 @ Falcons.

First in rushing in the League, their opponents will have a very hard time shutting them down. Even if they move 10 yards at a time, the Panthers will still force their way into the end zone. They may have a harder time against the Atlanta Falcons, as they have a more well-rounded offense, and their defense is doing well on the line. By Week 16, the Bengals will be on the Falcons home field, making it much more likely to lose.

These three football teams will have a tough time as they move forward in the season, but the odds of them reaching the playoffs still undefeated are quite good. They may have to face each other to determine the better team, and that may happen in the Super Bowl 50.

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