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Checking Out Cortana’s NFL Week 3 Football Picks

Cortana football predictions NFL Week 3

As most football fans should know now, the Microsoft virtual assistant Cortana is a genius at picking the winners of the NFL games. During the first week of games, she was able to predict with an accuracy of 13-3, which rivaled and beat many other professional sports handicappers. During Week 2, everyone took a hard hit, and yet Cortana was still able to get a 6-10 accuracy; most fans will agree that Week 2 was full of surprises, injuries, and comebacks.

For Week 3, she has already predicted the straight-up outcomes of all of the games, which are:

Game Pick Chance Of Winning
Redskins at Giants Giants 65.9%
Falcons at Cowboys Falcons 55%
Colts at Titans Colts 53.3%
Raiders at Browns Browns 53.3%
Bengals at Ravens Ravens 55%
Jaguars at Patriots Patriots 80%
Saints at Panthers Panthers 76.7%
Eagles at Jets Jets 61.4%
Buccaneers at Texans Texans 70.2%
Chargers at Vikings Vikings 52%
Steelers at Rams Rams 53.3%
49ers at Cardinals Cardinals 68.6%
Bills at Dolphins Dolphins 59.8%
Bears at Seahawks Seahawks 75.4%
Broncos at Lions Broncos 65.9%
Chiefs at Packers Packers 76.7%

Some of these games look like they will be very close, like the San Diego Chargers at Minnesota Vikings or Pittsburgh Steelers at St. Louis Rams. Be cautious when looking at these predictions, as there is a human element involved in each NFL game. I would, personally, put money on the Chargers and Steelers winning their games, despite being the underdogs. The Steelers in particular have proven to be top contenders, fearless on the field, and very smart in their plays; you should watch Week 2 game highlights against the 49ers.

So, use some of your own research if you plan on betting with your friends or at sportsbooks, as it could either confirm that Cortana’s predictions are right, or something could give the underdog the bump needed to win the football game.

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