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Minnesota 27, San Francisco 7

On the first play of the game from scrimmage, San Francisco drew a false start penalty and was backed up to the 22 yard line with 1st and 15. That’s the best thing that happened to the 49ers on that series. On the following snap, SF quarterback Trent Dilfer hauled off and threw a bullet over the short middle where Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams was waiting. Williams had his hands raised high in the air to try and cause a deflection but it wouldn’t have mattered if he was knitting a sweater because Dilfer hit him right in the face with the football. Williams kept focused as the ball ricocheted off his head, pulled the ball out of the air and plodded his 311 pound carcass 19 yards into the end zone for a touchdown. Believe it or not it’s the second time he has run back an INT for a touchdown this year.

Oh, no. What could be worse than being intercepted by a defensive lineman. Well, when your season is going as bad as it is for the 49ers you don’t ask such questions. Because the answer is; being intercepted by a defensive lineman three times in one game. Other indignities that were heaped upon San Francisco include having their premium running back cough up two fumbles and lose them both to contribute to a total of 5 turnovers, and holding Vikings rookie sensation Adrian Peterson to 14 yards rushing only to watch his fellow RB Chester Taylor gallop 84 yards on one play for a third quarter touchdown.

Vikings second year quarterback Tarvaris Jackson’s last three games have been his best of the season, and ace running back Adrian Peterson says his knee feels fine. Arizona and Detroit both lost this week, so Minnesota’s 4th straight win gives them a 7-6 record which is good enough for sixth place in the conference. Of their remaining 3 opponents, only one has a run defense ranked better than 24th in the league. The Vikings pulling into the playoffs on the second wild card with a 9-7 season suddenly seems a very realistic scenario.

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