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Sean Smith Suspended From Football For 3 Games

New Football Suspension

Yet again the NFL is rattled with another player suspension. This time, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Sean Smith was given a DUI, which prompted his three-game suspension. He is an excellent football player, and the Chiefs will be missing their top cornerback when the season starts in September.

His suspension does not apply to pre-season games, but will take effect on the first week of the regular season, when the games actually start to matter. This was done in order to avoid jail time, which seems like an easy way out. Any regular person would not have been given this type of opportunity.

I would have to say that the NFL does comply with their strict, although sometimes old fashioned, rules, but it would seem real life punishments should also apply to real life actions. A DUI should at least have him doing some kind of community service. This will be bad for all of the Chiefs fans, as their first three games are against:

  • Houston Texans, Sept. 13
  • Denver Broncos, Sept. 17
  • Green Bay Packers, Sept. 28

This could possibly leave the Chiefs in a dire situation, as they face three great offenses, and won’t have a good player in the back guarding against the pass. Smith will be set to return on Sept. 29, where he will get ready to play against Cincinnati on Oct. 4.

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