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NFL Football Owners Schedule Special Meeting In August

NFL Owners Meeting

The NFL owners have scheduled a special meeting that is to take place on August 11 in Los Angeles. For those football fans in this city in California, there may be amazing news. It would seem that one of the popular sports teams are relocating to Los Angeles, hopefully by the end of this next season, so that the new stadium can be built.

This is amazing news, as Los Angeles did have a NFL team in the past, but have not had one since 1994, when the Rams and Raiders left the city. There have been rumors ever since 1995 that they would get a new team, but nothing ever happened. With the boom in L.A. it is becoming more and more obvious that the city is well prepared for the arrival of a franchise.

With that mentioned, there are more rumors that there could be a possibility of two teams relocating to the city, although that seems most unlikely. Either way, once the NFL owners have talked it over, there may be an increase in pro football activities within a few years.

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