Marketing the NFL in London: Dolphins, Giants Already Promoting October Matchup

Jason Taylor
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Members of the Miami Dolphins made a visit to Wembley Stadium in London a couple days ago to promote the NFL’s first-ever overseas regular season game. The Dolphins will face the New York Giants on Sunday, October 28, 2007. Naturally, DE Jason Taylor was the focus of attention because he’s the league’s defending defensive MVP and the leader of the team. But there’s more. I was reading an article at that reported PR powerhouse Rogers & Cohen were working with Jason to generate even more interest in this game. Sandy Friedman, the executive vice president for music and sports at R&C, while looking at a photo of a tuxedo-clad Jason and his beautiful wife, said to Jason and his agent:

“We sell Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as the First Couple of Country Music; that’s how we want to position you [as an NFL couple] over there. The trick is getting you off the sports pages and into the other parts of the paper — and that’s what this allows us to do. They’ll eat this up on Fleet Street. They love couples! We’ll make sure you’re seen with all the right people in all the right places. Because what you’re giving us, with the business interests and lifestyle and charitable efforts and entertainment ventures, is perfect for the business we’re in.”

So, you see what’s happening here? The powers-that-be are trying to generate interest in football from people who might not care about football. Which is fine. The NFL is worldwide and now that they’re playing regular season games outside of the U.S. for the first time, more efforts like this will be made to market NFL players globally. And to a diverse audience. It’s exciting for the game of professional football. But it’s kind of goofy at the same time if Jason and his wife are red-carpet posing in the tabloids. Nevertheless, I’m all for it if it brings more positive visibility to the game.

Source: Every Morning Quarterback

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