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It’s Not Just Who Will Win


Proposition bets, or “prop bets,” are looking to be a hugely-wagered thing in this Super Bowl. Props are whatever detail or statistic a sportsbook cares to offer people to bet on, ranging from a political election outcome to a player’s stats.


This season’s game sets two MVP-level quarterbacks against one another, so public interest is fevered concerning them and their stats. Questions about them include: Will one of them beat his own top passing yardage in this game? Which one will throw for more yards? Which one will throw the most TDs? Which one will be intercepted more often? and so on.

Bookmakers are glad of the heavy prop betting, as it helps to level out the money they’ll inevitably be paying out to winners betting on simply who will win. The Patriots, favored by 3 points, are carrying the majority of the tickets.


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