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NFL Looking For Temporary Venues In Los Angeles

Los Angeles NFL

Football fans will be very glad to know that Los Angeles continues to become a serious venue for a future NFL franchise. Not only have there been proposals by several teams, but Chris Hardart the League’s vice president of corporate development, has also been searching for a temporary venue to host a team during the 2016 season.

So far, Hardart has come across various different possible venues, including the Los Angeles Coliseum and the Rose Bowl. There are two potential venues where three NFL teams have made their bid to build:

Carson Location

  • San Diego Chargers: $1.7 billion stadium.
  • Oakland Raiders: $1.7 billion stadium.

Inglewood Location

  • St. Louis Rams: $1.86 billion, 80,000-seat stadium.

The Rams and the Raiders have been previously located in L.A., but moved out since 1995. This would make a great comeback, not only for the fans and city, but also for these teams. Los Angeles hasn’t had a professional football team in years, but still has a big market for them, so this is a great opportunity for any team to get.

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