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NFL And ESPN Testing Pylon Cameras On Football Field

Football Pylon Cameras

The NFL is always looking for better ways of getting accurate calls, and in this quest they have decided to give the pylons a test run by installing cameras in them. This was done in an effort to get better replay angles along the sidelines, end lines, and goal lines.

They gave it a test run during the Bills-Browns game that happened last night. There are still many issues that come up with the accuracy of these cameras, such as:

  • Players blocking the camera.
  • Quality.
  • No real clear view of player and ball.

This is a great concept, as it could truly help referee’s when reviewing plays, as not all camera angles will be helpful, so having more options to pick from will definitely help. The issue not is with those football players that love to knock the pylons down when making a touchdown.

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