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Football Players Getting A Tech Upgrade With RFID Chips

NFL Football Lawsuit

The entire NFL is getting an enormous tech upgrade, as they partner with Zebra Technologies to install RFID chips on each football player; they will go into the player’s shoulder pads, so nothing to worry about. Last year, this same technology was tested at 18 different stadiums.

The tests were able to calculate and track vector data like:

  • Player speed
  • Distance
  • Direction travelled

With the RFID chips getting embedded into each of the players pads, fans can get real-time data coming to life when they use the NFL 2015 app which can be accessed on the Xbox One and Windows 10. This will bring about many amazing tools that can be used by fans, sports analysts, and during live games.

You can get instant replays using avatars, as all of the data can show exactly where, how fast, etc. a player went while on the field; this can be accessed through the Next Gen Stats within the app. This has the potential to make football an amazing experience, as fans can enjoy the game in all types of ways.

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