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DirecTV And NFL Sunday Ticket Being Sued

NFL sunday ticket

It seems that DirecTV and the NFL is being sued over their service Sunday Ticket, where they charge up to $200 so that fans can gain access to all of the football games that are televised, as long as a local game is not being blacked out. They are being sued, as fans do not want to pay such a high fee for games they will not watch.

The lawsuit states that they are violating federal antitrust laws by requiring consumers to purchase all Sunday afternoon out-of-market games, even if the customer wants to see the out-of-market games for one team only. In other words, they want to be able to pay just to watch one or a few games, not have to pay so much for all games.

I believe this is a great lawsuit, as it is forcing this monopoly to adjust their services to fit the needs and desires of their customers, not just so they can make more money regardless of what service they offer. Fans do have a right to pay for the games they want to see.

This suit, along with Yahoo being able to live stream over the internet, seems like football fans will be getting just what they wanted, whether DirecTV complies or not, I do believe that the NFL will make the right choice.

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